Thanksgiving greetings from the Regional Office !!!

There is much for which we as a Region can be thankful including some things that happened at the recent Annual Regional Meeting and the ACPE Leadership Meeting.

  • There are three new ACPE Supervisors.  CONGRATULATIONS Heather Weideman, Thomas Carter and Timothy Shipe.  Pictures and stories to come.
  • There are new processes in the works for certification and peer review (professional development) that have some of their origins in our Education Committee’s work with “Assessment for Learning” that is the foundation of our Symposium and curriculum development.  The processes of our Peer Review helped shape portions of the new professional development work.  Well done folks.
  • The Governance Manual was approved by the Board.  Thanks to the Council and work group that did the hard work of reviewing policies and procedures.
  • All our nominees to national posts were elected to their respective positions.  Thanks to all of you for your good work at Atlanta last week.
  • And who could forget the wonderful Regional Meeting and International Congress held in San Francisco.  There are not enough thanks that should go to the Conference Coordinators, Volunteer Managers, IT chief, workshop presenters and all who had a hand in planning the event.  CONGRATULATIONS to Cliniclal Member JP Sabbithi who was elected Vice President of the International Congress and Supervisor Anke Flohr who was elected to the ICPCC Board.

Well the list could go on and on.  For one Region this has been a terrific fall and the culmination of a busy, productive year.   Janet and I get to interact with all of you around the Region.  We know the hard work you do in your Centers and the wonderful volunteer service you provide to the Region.  Without the commitment you demonstrate everyday to make our craft, our profession a model for outstanding service, we would all stumble and fall.  We might have a mis-step once in a while.  But the overall work of this Region, this part of the ACPE, is remarkable.  From everyone who is the beneficiary of your service, thank you.  Please know we are grateful for all you do every day of the year.

As we sit down to our Thanksgiving feasts, I hope we not only remember the highlights we can celebrate this year.  I hope we also remember all those struggling just to survive.  The refugee crisis is almost unimaginable.  The horror of death and destruction in our streets, schools and places of worship is unthinkable.  The random hatred and senseless violence shown to people because of their religion, political beliefs, skin color, national heritage, cultural background is destructive to all we hold good and true.  We may not sit in the seats of political power to change nations or stop international forces commited to evil.  But we can certainly pray for, support, understand, include and embrace those around us who stand on the fringes.  We may not change the world, but we can change our communities and the understanding of those we meet and serve.  We can be a force for life, health and hope where we live and work.

Well, maybe we can change the world and combat the forces of evil.  And if we can’t, we certainly can try.

A blessed Thanksgiving to you, your families and loved ones.  We remember you all with grateful hearts.


Rev. John H. Moody

Regional Director

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