Correction & Update

Thanksgiving greetings.

In “Thanksgiving Greetings — Part One”, there was an error that needs correcting.  Our Region was not only blessed to have two people elected to the Board of the International Congress for Pastoral Care and Counselling, there were THREE.  Rod Seeger was elected to the Board as Treasurer.  My apologies for missing his name regarding the ICPCC election.  He will serve ICPCC along with JP Sabbithi, Vice President, and Board Member Anke Flohr.

Rod, JP and Anke will be helping plan as well as representating the USA at the Malaysia Congress in 2019,  They will also be a part of the planning group for the 2023 Congress at a place yet to be determined.  These three people will likely also play a role in planning and coordinating the Asia Pacific Congress for Pastoral Care and Counselling that will happen in 2017 and 2021.  Regional congresses happen on the years between the international gatherings.  These are terrific events well worth attending.

Congratulations to JP, Rod and Anke.


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