A Message from FCPE Pacific Region Representative George Fitzgerald

Foundation for Clinical Pastoral Education
A Message from FCPE Pacific Region Representative George Fitzgerald
Dear Supervisory Colleague,
It you attended the recent ICPCC Congress/4 regional annual meetings, you had a great opportunity to hear outstanding national and international speakers as well as an array of leading workshop leaders—in addition to making new friends from the U.S. and abroad.  What you may not know is this marvelous event would not have happened without the leadership of the Pacific Region.  We have so much to recognize and celebrate:  new centers constantly coming on line, the high number of SESes we certify, an outstanding regional director, creating the SOS model for supervisory training, etc.
 There is one very important metric, however, which I find surprising and embarrassing:  viz., we are next to the bottom of the standings for the percentage of donors (7.8%) who contribute to the Foundation for Clinical Pastoral Education (FCPE).  Only the Southwest region has a lower number (4%).
I know this is the time of the year when you are bombarded with appeals, but there is only one ACPE to ensure the vitality and continuity of CPE.  So let me cut to the chase and say I sincerely encourage our current donors to continue (or increase) their support, and other regional members to become contributors in 2015.  Both will make 2016 the year that the Pacific Region moves up in the percentage standings.  An increase in our giving percentage will strengthen ACPE’s  position when we approach major donors and foundations for  support.   The most convenient way to contribute is by calling the ACPE office, asking for the FCPE and giving them your credit card number.
Your support is greatly appreciated and will ensure the present and future effectiveness of CPE.
Blessings on you, your family and your work,
George Fitzgerald
Regional Rep for FCPE
P.S.  The results of our little “Who Are the Truly  ACTIVE  Regional Supervisors—the Employed or the Retired?” contest will be announced in February.  The retired group has contributed  $1,200.00 to date.

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