2016 Annual Meeting

“Spiritual Care Leadership”

2016 Annual Meeting

September 26 ~ 28, 2016

Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn, San Diego, CA



The theme of the educational portion of the Annual Meeting is Spiritual Care Leadership”. An electronic survey was sent to the Regional Membership in May. From your responses to the survey, the program was crafted. The following is a description of what is planned for the meeting as a result of the survey.

The Annual Meeting will begin with a time of reflection and remembrance. There will be two business meetings for elections, approving the budget and sharing information. Finally there are three scheduled workshop sessions with several options for each workshop session time.

Should you want to have personal consultation, do peer review, create a spontaneous learning experience or join a discussion group on specialized topics, you may do so during these workshop times or during breakfast and lunch times on Tuesday and Wednesday. The purpose is to give you options or flexibility to shape this learning time for yourself. If you have smaller meetings you want to arrange, we will make every effort to make space available to you in a meeting room or on the grounds of the hotel.

For those of you who have not been a part of one of the SES Symposiums, this is commonly how the program is created and conducted.

Please refer to the attached schedule outline to see the layout of the whole meeting.

The following information is to give description to the program. At the end of this form is a link to an electronic survey. We are asking that you open the link and make some preliminary selections of workshop preferences for the three sessions. If you are not attending a workshop session at that time, please mark “Not Attending”. Your responses will be used to identify meeting spaces for each session. Survey is TWO MINUTES MAX.


  1. Dr. Wendy Cadge, author of the book “Paging God”.
  2. Wendy will present work from her book and her more recent activity with ACPE researchers. A panel moderated by Dagmar Grefe will respond to her presentation.   The panel includes Adriana Cavina, Sean Doll O”Mahoney and Gordon Hilsman.
  • Rev. Dr. Trace Haythorne, ACPE Executive Director.
  1. Trace will host an open forum discussing the new governance structure that will have been approved by the ACPE Board in August. It is the culmination of the Governance Re-design Work Groups efforts and the input of the Membership at the Denver ACPE meeting.


There are three workshop sessions planned. During those sessions, there will be two or three selections you may choose to attend. In order to have adequate space for each session, we need to know how many people might be attending. As such we would like to know which of the sessions you are most likely to attend. Please select the one workshop in each grouping that you think you might attend. It is understood that people’s preferences change. Your responses are only an indication of interest. At the Annual Meeting you are welcome to attend the sessions that are of greatest interest to you. Please indicate your preferences on the electronic survey. Connect to the link and register your responses.


  1. “Both Feet Planted Firmly Mid-Air – Being a Professional Leader Among Leaders” – Tom Aronson
  2. CPE exits in a multi-disciplinary environment where there is interaction with other professions who may not fully value or understand spiritual care services. The workshop will discuss how to scan the environment and identify how to maximize opportunities for creating successful alliances and outcomes.
  3. “CPE Programs Flourishing Beyond Hospital Walls” – Development Committee and Panel:The panel will discuss the strengths of innovative CPE models and strategies for overcoming challenges.
  4. Rochelle Robins, Rod Seeger, Susan Freeman, Mica Togami, Rambhoru Brinkman.
  5. “Research Literacy Curriculum” – Pam Lazor & Wendy Cadge
  6. Wendy Cadge and George Fitchett helped identify CPE programs teaching spiritual care research. Grants were given for innovative programs. The workshop will talk about what has transpired and options for other Centers to apply for grants and curriculum options being created.


  1. “Fund Raising Strategies” – Trace Haythorne
  2. Developing strategies for securing funds to support CPE programs will be the focus of this workshop. Identification of potential funding sources and strategies to secure funds will be discussed.
  3. “Virtual & Distance Learning” – Development Committee and Panel: John Gillman, The panel will discuss their experiences with virtual and distance CPE learning.
  4. Ki Do Ahn, Kate Kennedy, Wes McIntyre and Katherine Tang
  5. “I’m Leading — Why Aren’t You Following” – Tom Aronson
  6. Discovering ways of dealing with frustrating individuals by reviewing problems and responses with real life scenarios is the workshop focus. The workshop will also discuss the differences between CPE student and employee.



  1. “Aligning Spiritual Care Goals with Institutional Strategic Plans” – Tom Harshman
  2. Aligning spiritual care goals with strategic directions of the institution is a vital competency of leadership. The workshop will focus on aligning these goals and directions. If possible, bring your institutions strategic plan. This is a hands-on workshop.
  3. “Student Evaluations – Topics, Requirements, Brevity & Other Readers’ Understanding”
  4. Adriana Cavina & Brenda Simons

There are many areas for consideration in preparing student evaluations.   Areas to include, ACPE requirements, learning to be brief, writing for many audiences at once and other topics will be discussed. Several models of evaluation will be reviewed.

ACPE Pacific Region’s Symposium on Supervision 2017

Save the Dates:    April 2-4, 2017


Location: Humphrey’s    Half Moon Inn & Suites

2303 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92106

Phone: 916-224-3411 or   800-542-7400

Reservation Email:   res@halfmooninn.com


If you are Supervisory Education Student (SES) who has completed a readiness consultation by February 1, 2016, or are a Candidate, you are eligible to participate in the Symposium.

– Large-group sessions with everyone in attendance.


– Significant time for small-group or individual consultation to work on your personal learning interests.

– Didactics sessions customized to the learning needs of the attendees (You’ll be contacted to help shape those didactics based on your current educational needs).

– A “Writer’s Corner” where persons who teach writing and composition will be available to consult about preparing theory papers as well as review or help you edit your writing or other written materials.

·         Development of a plan for you to carry forward your learning toward becoming a certified CPE Supervisor.


For Further Information, Contact Education Chairperson Susan Freeman = susan.freeman100@sharp.com or Regional Director John Moody at the Regional Office = pacificregion@phmhawaii.org

SOS Symposium-flyer-2017

Pacific Regional Meeting Materials #3

Annual Meeting Materials #3

Final Advance Mailing 

This is the third of the mailings regarding the Pacific Region Annual Meeting.  Many of us will be heading to Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn in San Diego this week.  Remember, if you’re on a committee or the Council, the hospitality suite is open starting Saturday evening in Room 344.  Breakfast commences on Sunday.  There are options for herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  If you have special dietary requirements beyond those general options and have not done so, please let us know.

I am sad to report that there are no longer transportation options provided by the hotel.  Their recommendation is a taxi or uber.  It is a short 10 minute ride to the hotel.  As was reported in the meeting announcement, there is a total $75 ground transportation reimbursement allowed for all your movement to and from the airports.  The San Diego Airport is a relatively easy place to find another person near baggage claim.  You might want to try and coordinate rides.  I’m sorry this last information is late in coming.  I just now got the information from the hotel.

The items in this email are a detailed meeting schedule, reports and listing of the meetings for 2017.  Please pay special attention to the new method of posting educational materials to share with other Regional Members.

The following items are attached:

Please save these items electronically or print them as works best for you.

See you very soon.