ACPE Pacific Region’s Symposium on Supervision 2017

Save the Dates:    April 2-4, 2017


Location: Humphrey’s    Half Moon Inn & Suites

2303 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92106

Phone: 916-224-3411 or   800-542-7400

Reservation Email:


If you are Supervisory Education Student (SES) who has completed a readiness consultation by February 1, 2016, or are a Candidate, you are eligible to participate in the Symposium.

– Large-group sessions with everyone in attendance.


– Significant time for small-group or individual consultation to work on your personal learning interests.

– Didactics sessions customized to the learning needs of the attendees (You’ll be contacted to help shape those didactics based on your current educational needs).

– A “Writer’s Corner” where persons who teach writing and composition will be available to consult about preparing theory papers as well as review or help you edit your writing or other written materials.

·         Development of a plan for you to carry forward your learning toward becoming a certified CPE Supervisor.


For Further Information, Contact Education Chairperson Susan Freeman = or Regional Director John Moody at the Regional Office =

SOS Symposium-flyer-2017

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