Pacific Regional Meeting Materials #1

Regional Meeting Materials

Colleagues –

The Annual Regional Meeting is two weeks away.  In preparation for the meeting, you will be receiving several emails this week and next with information for the meeting.  In the past we have had a printed packet at the front desk of the hotel upon your arrival in San Diego.  This year we are joining the 21st century and sending the materials electronically.  The primary reason is the size of some of the reports, especially those about the restructuring of ACPE.  Also we are sending this to the whole membership so you all will know what is being discussed whether you are in attendance or not.

I encourage you to read the all the reports related to the re-design of ACPE and be prepared to ask questions, share ideas and give your input into the process of creating ACPE for the next 50 years.  There are 45 days to address your interests and concerns regarding the restructuring.  The bylaws implementing the new structure go before the ACPE Board by November.  Their vote will be final.  After that time, there will be an implementation period of 1-2 years after which the new model will be fully put in place.

Besides reviewing the changes with the ACPE organizational re-design, there is a substantial program the Planning Committee has created.  The theme of the educational portion of the Annual Meeting is Spiritual Care Leadership”.  An electronic survey was sent to the Regional Membership in May to gather your interests and preferences for the program.  From your responses to the survey, the program was developed.  The schedule and description of the speakers are attached to this email.


Should you want to have personal consultation, do peer review, create a spontaneous learning experience or join a discussion group on specialized topics, you may do so during the workshop times or during breakfast and lunch times on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The purpose of the educational portion of the meeting is to meet your learning needs and interests.  If setting up some topical sessions or conversation opportunities about items not listed here is helpful for you, we will endeavor to locate space for you to meet and do your work.

In addition to the educational program, there are two business sessions.  Those meetings are for elections and approving a budget for 2017.  Information about those items will be coming in a subsequent email.  RANC – our nominating committee – has talked with many of your about serving in some capacity with the Region.  Their complete proposed roster will be distributed at the first business session as is our usual practice.  You were also notified a couple of months ago about two special elections happening at this meeting.  They are the election of our Representative to the ACPE Board of Directors and the election of a new Chairperson Elect of the Region.  These nominations and elections will happen while we are at San Diego.

In advance, thank you for your attendance and participation in the work of ACPE and our Region.  I look forward to seeing you all in two weeks.  Please keep watching for the other emails that will have additional information about the meeting.

Attached in this email are the following:

Please save these items electronically or print them as you prefer.  There will be ample reference to the ACPE national documents at the meeting.

If you have questions or needs regarding the meeting, please let me know this week.  After Thursday , things will be in the en-route to San Diego.

See you all soon.


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