Pacific Regional Meeting Materials #2

Annual Meeting Materials #2

This is the second of the three mailings regarding the Pacific Region Annual Meeting.  In a little more than a week from now we will gather at Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn in San Diego.  For old time members, Humphrey’s seems like our home away from home. We have met there so long its seems like it’s ours.  Hope all of you attending for the first time find it as inviting as we do.

The attached items are primarily about our gathering at the meeting and our educational work.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Curriculum Resource, I hope you take time to review it.  This work is a thorough description of Level 1 & 2 curricula.  Many of our members have utilized it in their programs.  It is also discussed at the Symposium on Supervision that happens each spring.  The Announcement of that symposium is attached.

You will notice there are two expense vouchers.  One is for Supervisors, Associate Supervisors, Active Retired Supervisors and person serving in elected positions on the Regional Council or one of its committees.  The other form is for persons in Supervisory Education including SES’s and Candidates.

The last items are for your information about the upcoming year.

The following items are attached:

Please save these items electronically or print them as works best for you.

I look forward to seeing you very soon.


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