Certification Committee Report

Pacific Region ACPE

  Certification Committee 
Certification Chairperson Ramona Cass reported the following from the just completed Certification Committee Meeting.
The newest ACPE Supervisor is
Joseph Kotay
Yuma Regional MC, Yuma, AZ
The newest ACPE Supervisory Candidate is
Sarah Baruhk
Cedars-Sinai MC, Hollywood, CA
Granted Candidacy Extension
Kate Kennedy
Stanford U. MC, Palo Alto, CA, 
Granted Candidacy Extension
Sylvia Tiznado
San Francisco Night Ministry, San Francisco, CA
Congratulations on your successful appearance with the Certification Committee.  The Region joins in recognizing your achievement.  Well done.  
We also acknowledge and send words of encouragement to those who consulted with the Committee and were invited to continue in their preparation as CPE Supervisors.  It’s a long and sometimes arduous journey.  We support your continued growth in this process.
Finally all of us in the Pacific Region want to thank the training Supervisors and members of the Certification Committee who continue to create a climate of growth and learning as  students move through the certification process.  It is a great privilege and significant responsibility to walk with people on the journey of becoming a CPE Supervisor.  Thank you for all you do.

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