Second Year Residency program

Pacific Region ACPE

Message from Supervisor Joe McMahan

VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center

Share this information with students who may be interested in a specialized second year residency. (Flyer)



John, I currently an accepting applications for our CPE Residency program. We are a second-year program, and are accepting application from person who will have completed four units of CPE by the start date in October.  I have attached my brochure.  Please note that we have extended the application deadline.

If you would forward this on to our region.  Thanks.

Rev. Joe McMahan, M.Div., BCC

ACPE CPE™ Supervisor

Written Correspondence can be sent to:

VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics

Chaplain Service MS 125/CPE Program

8495 Crater Lake HWY

White City, OR 97503

Phone: 541-826-2111; ext. 3320



is accredited with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) to provide certified Level I and Level II CPE, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc., One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, GA. 30030, Telephone  E:  ACPE CPE is Trademarked by the ACPE.


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