A Message From Chairperson Rod Seeger & Community of Practice Work Group

Pacific Region ACPE
A Message From Chairperson Rod Seeger
& Community of Practice Work Group
The Regional Council appointed Treasurer Rod Seeger to function as Chair of a Work Group looking at options for a Pacific Community of Practice (new designation in the recently passed ACPE Bylaws).  The following is a report of their work and ideas for your consideration.  Should you have questions, ideas or comments, send them directly to Rod Seeger at:
Hi Everyone,
A committee of seven people, of which I am chair, has had several conversations about what is important aspects of Pacific Region which we want to carry forward when we become a Community of Practice. The committee is made up of Ki Do Ahn, Susan Conrad, Anke Flohr, Beth Godfrey, Gordon Hilsman, Stina Miller and me.
Attached please find several documents which I have combined into one electronic document. (COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE-PACIFIC)
1. 2 charts which help define what a community of practice is.
2. Qualities and Values we appreciate about Pacific Region
3. Needs we perceive
4. What we need to do moving forward
A second electronic document is a suggestion how we might develop policies and procedures for running our community of practice which includes a suggested org chart. (0 PacificCommunityofPractice-4-9-17)
Finally, the Pacific Regional Council met in San Diego April 4-6. During the meeting all of these documents were reviewed and discussed. The Regional Council moved that we move forward with creating a community of practice and that these documents can serve us in moving forward.

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