Pacific Region ACPE
Find attached two documents with news and highlights for Pacific Region Members.  This is meant to be a quick update and to recruit some of you to assist with a couple of projects.  Information is in the NEWS article. (NEWS April 2017Pacific Region Comparison Chart ~ 2017)
Earlier today I sent a message from Rod Seeger and the Work Group looking at Community of Practice.  That email has vital information for Pacific Region Members.  Be sure to look it over carefully.
You will notice the information here and the information from the Work Group are all pointing to some new directions and decisions our Members will need to make in Tacoma.  Hopefully there will be much conversation before that time to fine tune our hopes and plans.  The more we’re able to engage these issues openly, the more likely we are to have a professional community that will continue into the future..  Some of you joined a video conference two weeks ago.  There will be another video conference opportunity with additional information and conversation about our future together.  If you missed the first one, you might want to join us for the second edition.
Thanks for reviewing this material.  If you need anything posted on the website, send it to me.  We have new postings twice a month.
John Moody
Regional Director ACPENEWS April 2017

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