July 2017 News



Watch for the formal announcement of the Annual Meeting coming by the end of the month. Hold the dates and plan to be there. It will be something you don’t want to miss.

The Region as Region is meeting for a final time this fall. Consider joining us to bring to conclusion what we have done over the last 50 years and help envision new avenues of connection for Certified Educators and Centers.

DATE: General Meeting is October 17-19.

Council / Committees have earlier starting times. Check with your chairperson.

Council – October 15-17

Accreditation – October 15-17

Certification — October 14-17

All Other Committees – October 16-17

PLACE: Hotel Murano, Tacoma, WA. The Murano is a smaller, boutique hotel that features Pacific Northwest Artists. There are displays of a different artists on each floor of the building. The hotel is located in central Tacoma near many restaurants, pubs, fine dining, museums and eateries of all kinds. St. Joseph Hospital and the University of Washington campus are nearby. It is what Tacoma was envision when it was to be the Capital of Washington State.

SCHEDULE: Council / Committees meet prior to the Annual Meeting. Check with your Chairperson for details of your gathering. The Annual Meeting begins Tuesday noon and continues through Thursday at 1:30pm. Reimbursement is based on full participation in the whole meeting. Plan to stay until the concluding luncheon. There will be transportation options to the airport.

EVENTS: 1. There is a presenter who will lead the whole group through program on “Transitions”. We are certainly dealing with transitions as a Region. We deal with them every day in our work. And we deal with them as we look forward toward what is to come in the future. That is the Pacific Community of Practice the Region asked the Council to create. More detail with the next announcement about a Community of Practice you may join will be coming within the next month.

2. There are six workshops on various educational topics. Titles and presenter information is coming with the registration materials. We will be joined by representatives from Hong Kong and Australia CPE organizations 3. Seattle University School of Theology and Regional Council Member Sharon Callahan are hosting a cocktail and pupu reception at the Museum of Glass – the home of the world renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. He did the famous ceiling at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. There will be pupus, drinks and an opportunity to see artists perform their magic with glass in the “hot shop”. Thank you Dr. Sharon Callahan and Seattle University.

MEALS: Several meals are provided. Breakfast each morning. The first night there is an informal opening reception with meal (pupus) and conversation. A fancy dress banquet to celebrate 50 years of the Pacific Region and its service to the western USA will happen on the last night. And there is a concluding luncheon when a new Pacific Community of Practice will be created for us to join. Participation in this concluding meal is essential. Some committees and the SES group that attended the Symposium in San Diego have luncheons arranged. Check with our Chairperson.

ATTENDANCE : It is hoped that all Certified Educators (Retired Supervisors, Supervisors & Associate Supervisors), SES’s, and longtime leaders of the Region will be in present. Hold the dates. Plan to be there. Reimbursement will be provided. Supervisors Emeritus/ae are provide full reimbursement as are Supervisors of long standing in the Pacific Region. Contact the Regional Office if you have questions about qualifying.



The ACPE Pacific Region Development Committee is offering special one-time scholarships of $125 to cover the cost of the Regional ACPE Meeting in Tacoma, Washington, October 16-19. Please see below for details:

Application for Special Scholarship of $125 to Cover SES Registration Fee at Pacific Regional Meeting

Please provide the following information and send it to the Development Committee chairperson; once we receive your application, we will respond to your request within 60 days of receipt and will consider applications on a rolling basis. If you have already received a scholarship from the Development Committee previously, your application will not be considered, in order to maximize opportunities for access to these scholarships.


ACPE Center/Current Position:

Current Certification Status with ACPE (only SESes and Candidates are eligible for this particular scholarship):

Mailing Address:

Phone Number:

Have you received a scholarship from the ACPE Pacific Region Development Committee in the past? _____ If so, what year? ______

Attach *one paragraph* elaborating on:

1) Your desire and motivation to attend the ACPE Regional meeting

2) How attending this event will benefit your CPE process.

If you are one of the awardees of a scholarship, you will need to submit receipt of your registration fee by email, after which we will process your reimbursement.

Please send or e-mail your full application to:

Susan Conrad, Chair, ACPE Pacific Region Development Committee

UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital

Susan.conrad@ucsf.edu. Questions? Feel free to call at 415-514-4202. Thank you!



Information for SES’s and ACPE Educators.

Certification: The New and the Old

We are all eager to know what is changing and when. We learned some information at the April/May Certification Commission meeting—but not specific answers to all our questions.

First the new: Anyone beginning as an SES in fall, will definitely begin in the new certification process, as a “Phase 1” participant. Persons who have already met a Readiness Consultation Committee will have a choice, with consultation, whether to remain in the current process or change to the new. In the new process, SESs will be in Phase 1 for one or two years. Then after meeting the identified competencies, they will move to Phase 2 for another one or two years. Old language, like Readiness and Candidate will not be used. Please see the ACPE website to view slides describing various aspects of the new process.

Now the old: Our Regional Certification Committee will remain in-tact for the first year or two (2018-2019) and perhaps as long as needed to help people complete their certification in the old process. For anyone rotating off the committee in the fall, we will elect new members. After that, since we will have no more regional elections, the Chair will likely be able to recruit members as necessary. The national Certification Commission will be reconfigured after its November 2017 meeting with new duties. One continuing duty will need to be seeing those applicants who remain in the current certification process for Associate and probably ACPE Supervisor.

If you are in the Certification Process or you are supervising someone who is, please take careful note:

The Pacific Region Certification Committee will meet October 15-17, just prior to the Regional Meeting in Tacoma.

If you plan to meet with a Certification Committee, you need to send your “Letter of Intent,” on the attached form, to the Certification Chair by the deadline, August 5, 2017.

The dead line for materials to be submitted to committee members is September 9, 2017.

If you want to apply for Candidacy or Extension of Candidacy (or Associate), you must see a committee at this meeting.


If you are ready for a Consultation for ACPE Supervisor (ACPE Certified Educator), then you have an option to meet this committee in Tacoma or to meet with a committee of the Certification Commission in Atlanta in November 2017. Your “Letter of Intent” should to sent to the National Office, as well as to the Regional Certification Chair. See the ACPE website for deadlines if you are meeting with the Commission.

If you are ready to apply for Associate Supervisor, then you must meet with a committee of the Certification Commission in Atlanta in November. See the ACPE website for your deadlines.

The Certification Task Force continues to work on the new certification process, scheduled to begin in 2018. They hope to roll out some aspects of this new process this fall. But as your Certification Chair, I have no specific instructions or knowledge that we should do anything different yet. So please proceed as usual, attending to the deadlines above. I wish I had more to announce, but will get word to you about next steps when I have it.

I am eager to see you all at the Regional Meeting in Tacoma, whether or not you are meeting with a Certification Committee!

Blessings, Ramona Cass

Certification Committee Chairperson


Aloha & Blessings to Sean Doll O’Mahoney

With gratitude for all of your support and that of the region, I wanted to share that I’ve accepted a new position and will be leaving Harborview July 5.

My family and I are moving to Indianapolis, the place where my ancestors originally came from Ireland—so a place of some roots and meaning for me. I’ve accepted a position as manager of clinical pastoral education for the St. Vincent Health System which has two larger hospitals in Indianapolis and some smaller ones throughout Indiana, and is looking to deepen and expand CPE throughout their system. There are two other supervisors at the center (Sarah Knapp Ellis and Jim Pheiffer).

I had a chance to say goodbye to some peers in Tacoma on Friday, but am sad to leave many beloved colleagues throughout our region who saw me through supervisory education and supported me in my current work.

If you could share this with the region I’d be very grateful. My personal e-mail address is skomahon@gmail.com so folks can keep in touch after I leave—Sean

Sean K. Doll O’Mahoney, M.Div, BCC



Hello John,

I just want to let you know that I just got engaged last May 8th and we are planning to get married on October 14th. Thank you for being there when I needed someone to listen to my stories of brokenness and now joy. I hope everything is good with you.

Our wedding ceremony will be at Keizer Clear Lake United Methodist Church and reception follows at Oregon Garden. I will be Luzviminda “Luz” Zemina. Our Portland Supervisors’ met my fiancé, Robert “Bob” last Friday during our meeting. I will send you John our Save the Date card and invitation will follow. Thank you for your prayers.

Peace, Luz



Rev. Nancy Piggott has been a familiar face in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at St. Mark’s Hospital for more than eight years. She has now been named the Director of Pastoral Care for Episcopal Community Services and St. Mark’s Hospital. In addition to her many Director responsibilities, Rev. Piggott continues her role of ACPE Certified Educator for the CPE program. The Spiritual Care Department at St. Mark’s Hospital is staffed with Nancy’s protégés. Other graduates practice the art of soul retrieval in hospitals far and wide from along the Wasatch Front to New York City to the US Navy Air Corps to the US Marines. Rev. Piggott says that nothing gives her more satisfaction than to see her students become the chaplains she dreamed they can be.

Congratulations Nancy on your appointment from all your colleagues in the Pacific Region.



The Rev. Jill Rasmussen-Baker has been appointed to serve as Interim Director with the departure of Sean Doll O’Mahoney. Jill with continue working with Amy Furth at the University of Washington MC. They will be joined by Kathy Turner who is abandoning retirement again to assist with the program.

Congratulations Jill and blessings as you assume this position.



There are many CPE Educator positions open and many interim positions. What follows is only a partial listing based on public announcements. There are others known to this office. In ACPE, we have a shortage of CPE Educators (Supervisors) and persons who have leadership skills in managing spiritual care departments. If you are open to a new placement or know of persons who may want to move west, please contact the Regional Office. We will put people in contact with the persons making the decisions.

These are the positions who have published their openings and asked the Region to advertise the position. Should you be interested, contact the Regional Office for more complete information.

St. Joseph Hospital, Orange, CA

St. Joseph Hospital, Tacoma, WA

Sharp Healthcare, San Diego, CA

Yuma Regional Medical Center, Yuma, AZ



Stanford University Medical Center

Two residency positions.

1. Supervisory Residency – Three year residency program in learning the art and skills of becoming an ACPE Certified Educator.

2. Two Year Specialization in Palliative Care – Train the specialization of palliative care.

Residency Positions at Providence St Peter Hospital in Olympia, WA.

Providence St Peter Hospital is taking applications for our Clinical Pastoral Education Residency Program. We have four year-long positions available in September 2017. This full-year, intensive training experience includes acute care, outpatient, end-of-life, and crisis on-call ministry. Each resident position comes with a stipend of $28,000 plus benefits and paid time off. The application fee is $35 and tuition is $500 per unit. For more information or to submit an application, please contact Rev. Melinda E. Holloway, Manager of CPE at Providence St Peter Hospital at (360) 493-7238 or Melinda.holloway@providence.org, or visit our website,http://washington.providence.org/hospitals/st-peter/for-patients-and-visitors/spiritual-care/clinical-pastoral-education/clinical-pastoral-education-program-residency/



The ACPE Board endorsed a plan to update our titles and designations of us all. Here they are. I suppose we all need to change email information, business cards, letterhead and who knows what. Thanks for making the changes. Hopefully the new designations will be more meaningful than our previous ones.

 Old Title New Title Designation
ACPE Supervisors ACPE Certified Educators ACPE
Associate Supervisors ACPE Certified Associate Educators ACPE
Clinical Members Spiritual Care Professionals SCP



Congratulations to Rev. Katherine Higgins, Rev. Dr. Steven Ivy and Rev. Dr. Wayne Menking on your selection to serve in these new positions.

The following is a link to read more about the three persons selected.




There are many in our community who are struggling with job situations, life struggles or who are living with significant loss. Please send your good intentions, well wishes and prayers for Kathy, Garrett, Greg, Peter, Roger and all those we know are in need of support. This is only a partial listing of those who live with significant pain.

It doesn’t matter whether we know these people personally or not. It matters only that we care. As a community that’s what we do best. The tradition from which I come says pray without ceasing. The pain, struggle and hurt with which our colleagues struggle is significant. Your struggles may be overwhelming as well. All we need to know is that there are people in pain who are a part of our community and that they need our thoughts, intentions, prayers and support all our religious traditions.

Join me in offering before the Divine Presence our intentions, prayers and concerns for our Brothers and Sisters.







If you have questions or concerns, contact the Regional Office. 808-271-5674