News October 2017


October 2017


The final Annual Meeting will be held October 17 – 19, 2017 at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, WA. Those of you on the Council or Committees will be prior to the Annual Meeting. Currently we have 95 people registered for the conference. There will be plenty of time to talk, remember the past, envision the future, tell stories, attend special events, eat and drink.

To finalize plans, there are two items of importance.


Wednesday evening there is a fancy dress, sit down dinner following the cocktail reception at the Museum of Glass. There are three entrées. You need to pick one and send your preference by Thursday morning to the following email address. Do not reply to this email as it is not being monitored.

The three entrées are as follows.

 Wild NW Salmon with mustard glaze cardamom baked apples.

 Slow Roasted Prime Rib served with au jus and horseradish.

 Butternut Squash Ravioli.

All entrées include a starch, fresh seasonal vegetables and a variety of breads.


The default meal will be vegetarian should we have no reply.



You will have to arrange your own ground transportation from SEA-TAC Airport to the Hotel Murano in downtown Tacoma. You may be reimbursed for up to $75 for actual expenses round trip for the meeting. If several of you are on the same flight, consider sharing a ride. The “locals” recommend one of three ground transportation options from Seattle-Tacoma (SEA) Airport to Hotel Murano:

  1. Capital Aeroporter (Best Choice say Tacoma people.)

The WEB portal page for The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education – Pacific Region’s Annual Meeting 2017 is available online to book any airport transportation to and from SeaTac Airport.

OR you can go to our website and enter the code ACPE in the “Frequent User Login” or “Group ID or Coupon” for your participants’ discount.

An individual, discounted fare will be $57 Round Trip, when prepaid by credit card.

Groups of two or more will receive our group discounts.

  1. Sound Transit (Bus) Express Bus 574 (SeaTac – Lakewood) Cost: $7.50 Round Trip Seniors – $3.50 RT

  1. Uber or Lyft

$66.00- 100.00 RT, depending if surcharge is added. Each option takes about 40-55 minutes from Airport to Hotel.


Remember that Wednesday is the celebration for 50 years of the Pacific Region.

It our final time together as the Pacific Region.

To celebrate we have two events.

First there is a formal reception at the Museum of Glass two blocks from the hotel. For those needing assistance, transportation will be provided. The Museum of Glass is the home studio of Chihuli, the world renowned glass artist. Most people know that he created the ceiling and all the glass sculpture for the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. We will have a private viewing of the major glass works on display and be able to watch glass artists in action. Beverages and pupus are provided by Seattle University. Thank you Dr. Sharon Callahan.

Secondly there is a formal banquet recognizing our 50 years together, thanking many people and having one magnificent time. The meal will feature PNW fare, NW wines and a few surprises as we bring the life of the Region as we have known it to a close. We will also take a look at our new Pacific Community of Practice and get ready for the next chapter in our shared professional lives. There will be an updated history and video presentation of times gone by. Don’t miss it.

So, get out your best dress gear (tuxedos, kimono, national costumes, gowns, formal western wear, aloha evening wear, Highland tartans, heels and whatever makes you happy and look good) and come to celebrate our community. It will be a grand party and time to recognize all we’ve accomplished together.


This is only saying goodbye to what has been. We will launch the Pacific Community of Practice, and …………….

Anke Flohr will have details about the

2018 Annual Meeting in Hawaii.

It’s goIng to be great !!!!!



You have been receiving updates about the creation of the Pacific Community of Practice (PCoP). The application has been submitted to the ACPE Well-being Committee that approves applications and authorizes funding of activities. Action on our application is pending. Representatives of ACPE will be meeting with the Council to discuss our application and hoped for plans. There will be a presentation at the general meeting of the Pacific Community of Practice. There will be time for Q&A and discussion in preparation for our new organization.

Our application was for the ten western States to continue to affiliate and do the teaching, learning, research, student recruiting and personal supporting work of clinical education. We are also going to serve as the link to the Asia Pacific area. Persons from Hong Kong initially and later other nations will be joining the Pacific Community of Practice. We asked for funding for two meeting each year for all the

persons who opt-in to the PCoP who live in the ten western states and pay student unit fees at the Pacific Region rate. The spring meeting will be the SES Symposium as we have conducted it AND conjointly Symposium on Spiritual Care Leadership. The fall meeting will be similar to the current Annual Meeting with outside speakers and workshops on many topics. There will also be scholarship funds for certain programs and travel assistance for ACPE Educators living in remote locations to attend area peer consultation sessions.





Please welcome our newest ACPE Certified Educator to the Region and PCoP. Kofi Adzaku joined Yuma Regional Medical Center as the CPE Supervisor.

Kofi’s email address is:



The Education Committee has worked long and hard to build educational resources for our members. We have just completed the 5th Symposium on Supervision with 20 plus participants from two Regions. From that meeting, materials were gathered to post on the new Regional webpage. More materials about spiritual care and education are welcome. The review group will gladly receive bibliographies, short articles, didactic presentations or other materials useful to a CPE Supervisor or spiritual care provider. Send your offerings or ideas to . The “curators” will be in contact with you.


See you in Tacoma!