Welcome to Pacific Community of Practice ACPE

Pacific Community of Practice ACPE


We are happy to welcome you to the Pacific Community of Practice ACPE. We hope you find your educational work in the west exciting and fulfilling professionally.

There are several items about our Regional life that might be helpful for you to know. We hope this will answer some questions and take some of the mystery out of our way of operating.

Pacific Community of Practice Leadership

The PCoP coordinator – Kevin ParK


Annual Educational Meeting

The Annual Meeting is held every fall in September or October. It is the primary educational event for the whole PCoP. There is a registration fee that covers the costs of the educational portion of the meeting.

Sub-Area Peer Consultation

Every geographic area of the PCoP has a Peer Consultation Group that meets for peer support, professional consultation and supervision for CES’s. The schedules vary depending upon the interests of the group. There is a principal contact person for each group.

Symposium on Supervision

Annually in the spring, usually April, there is a three day Symposium focused entirely on the learning of CPE Supervision and the teaching of spiritual care and chaplaincy practice. This is an entirely student driven event. The Symposium has a Resource Team that works with CES’s to develop a program that addresses the primary issues the participants face. The Symposium is managed by the Education Committee


The Accreditation Committee oversees all accredited programs within the Region. The Chairperson is the one to contact regarding five and ten year reviews. The cost of the Accreditation Site Team coming to a Center is covered by the Region after the initial accreditation . The policy about what is covered financially is available from the Chairperson or Regional Office. Prior approval of major expenditures is required. The Committee also provides assistance for developing programs, consultation for struggling Centers and support to institutional administrations wanting to add or change CPE programs. Changes in Center faculty, program offerings or administrative structures are to be reported to the Regional Chairperson on Appendix 2. It is via this report that changes are made to the Center information on the webpage. The Annual Accreditation Report is due January 15. A copy of the report form can be found in the ACPE Accreditation Manual. The Chairperson is Kathy Turner.


Pacific Community of Practice Contact Info


Rev. Kevin Park, PCoP coordinator :KPark@peacehealth.org

Rev. Dr. John H. Moody: pacificregion@phmhawaii.org


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