Calling for Contributions

Do you have “best practices” and program materials that you could share with your Pacific Region colleagues? Our new website will be up and running soon, and we would like to have be a resource where our members can share resources and ideas to enhance their supervision and their programs.

What has worked well for you? Here are some of the types of contributions that you might consider offering:

CPE Programs

  • Interview prospective CPE students
  • Guidelines for telling our stories
  • Curriculum ideas, including use of the Curriculum Resource
  • Use of media such as films, games, literary works
  • Modalities for student presentations (verbatim templates, role-playing, soul collage, theological reflection, creative writing….)
  • Templates for final evaluations


Helps for Supervisory Certification

  • Tips for videotaping sessions
  • Resources for development of position papers (“the grid” and other tools)
  • Making the most of SOS (seminar on supervision)
  • Networking and developing theory affinity groups
  • Theory paper exemplars


Management of a Spiritual Care Department

  • Program management imperatives (e.g., developing policies/procedures, working with staff chaplains, establishing an institutional presence)
  • Ways to care for staff (e.g., tea for the soul, blessing hands, support groups, programming to address moral distress or compassion fatigue)
  • Departmental stewardship and institutional leadership (e.g., budget development, productivity, job descriptions)



Send your contributions to